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What I'm doing now: Thursday 4th July

Hi, I'm James. I am a developer and entrepreneur. This is my Now page for Thursday 4th July. What is a now page? A now page goes to a page that tells you what a person is focused on at this point in their life. Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page movement and subsequent website. I've been writing these since 2018.

This is what I'm currently doing:

Where Am I

Chiang Mai. Weather has been OK recently – was expecting lots of rain, but it’s not been raining here much, it’s been cloudy which takes the edge of the heat, and the temps are starting to lower. Generally a lovely time! Shame we’re leaving next week for a month.

Where Am I Going Next

Japan in 10 days or so. Have been kinda not looking forward to it as its just seems so busy and hotel prices are mad. But just yesterday I watched this video from Chris Broad about Japan’s worst tourist traps and it reassured me quite a bit that it wasn’t going to be as bad I thought. But we’ll see.

What Am I Working On

Practically all Laravel last month, with a little bit of WordPress thrown in. Talking of WordPress, I am now organiser for the official WordPress Chiang Mai Meetup and we have the first meet-up this weekend. I thew together a website for the meet-up and WordPress community in Chiang Mai which was provided for free by

What Was The Main Challenge Last Month

Visas, company structures, tax optimisation. Not to go in to too much boring detail, but these things are hard to deal with and regularly need thinking about if you don’t live where you were born, are not tied to a place, and travel a lot. Changes made by governments regarding taxes, or visas, can mean plans have to be changed, business approaches restructured, and how we get to stay and live in places needs to be thought about. This is relevant for me in Thailand, Malaysia, the UK (where I presume we’re about to see a Labour government who hates success), and I’ve been thinking about where is “next”. If there is a next. The next few months will tell us that.

What Have I Been Reading

I’m still on at the series of books by John Sandford, about to finish Book 16. Feels like I’ve been reading this book for a while, and it feels like my speed of reading has reduced this month. Not sure why.

What Have I Been Watching

I’ve been a big fan of Adrian’s Digital Basement for a few years, and now I’ve found a new “electronics fixer” on YouTube which is StezStix Fix? – he fixes things while rapping, and singing, with many in-jokes and humorous things. He is ridiculously familiar to me, I feel like I know him, but his shows are great and I have binge watched many hours of his fixings the last month.

What Have I Been Eating

Lots of home-made stuff. Home-made pickles. Home-made chicken tikka. Home-made bacon. Home-made burgers. Been pretty busy making stuff, but its all tasty, far cheaper than buying it in the supermarket and know exactly what’s in it (or not in it).

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