What I’m doing now

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page and subsequent website, this is what I’m currently doing.

Last updated: Monday 2nd April 2018

Where I am:

Kuching, Borneo. I’m using Kuching as my base in Asia for now.

Where was I:

Chiang Mai, Thailand. Stopped by for relaxation, friends and food. Mostly food!

Where I’m going next:

Probably Cape Town. Time to get dusty at AfrikaBurn. If not, then London in June.

What am I working on:

Web development – For the last year or so I’ve been doing more and more web development. The difference in my well-being between being client-facing and now code-facing is huge and I love it. Every line of a code is a problem to solve, and it ticks my mental boxes. Glad to be doing it. Working on my own ideas, friends projects, and a couple of agency projects.

NSB – An 18 year-old side project – an internet radio station and forum – which I have neglected for 6+ years. I have committed to revitalising the project throughout April. You can follow my progress with the project on Make it Launch it.

New Product – Still working on a new SaaS product, although that is taking a side seat for April. Have gone through a great MVB workshop with it which has given me lots to think about. Hopefully linking it in with my development work to be able to create, at least, the first version myself.

Ecommerce and Affiliate – Still running my ecommerce and affiliate businesses, but they bore me, and I spend as little time as possible on them.

What I’m thinking about:

Retreats – I’ll be in Europe over the Summer, and I’m thinking about running some 1-week retreats in Lisbon and Budapest. Focus of them will be enabling people to either go location independent (knowledge sharing, trialling remote work), or to give them time to work on their side projects (so from idea to MVP in a week focus). Contact me if you are interested.

What I’ve stopped working on:

Live Work Fit – My retreat brand, was a lot of hard work, distracted me from my other goals, and didn’t align itself with my travel plans for 2018. It’s for sale if you are interested in taking it over.

Email Magnet SaaS – Found a similar company to me doing what I was going to do and they are struggling to get revenue. Decided the idea wasn’t as unique and good as it was as the target market was too cheap.

Biggest challenges now:

Health and fitness – I am not moving enough and my will power seems weak around carb-heavy food. Everything is in place to get healthier except my motivation and will power so working on that. So have started eating healthier (again) last week, just need to keep the momentum.

FOMO investments – Don’t have time enough to watch alts and tokens and crypto, doing what I can but never feel like its enough. BTC dropping has helped this in March!


Before The Exit – Dan Andrews
The White Rajahs of Sarawak – Robert Payne
Ava Lee Series – Ian Hamilton
Only When I Laugh – Paul Merton
Personal – Lee Child
Absolute Pandemonium – Brian Blessed
All out War – Tim Shipman


Magicians (its trash but now I’m in to it)
Person of Interest (just completed last season, bit meh)
MasterChef (love a good cooking program)
Lost (done all 6 series, was better than I remembered)