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What I'm doing now: 1st November 2023

This is my now page for 1st November 2023. What is a now page? A now page goes to a page that tells you what a person is focused on at this point in their life. Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page movement and subsequent website.

This is what I'm currently doing:

Where Am I

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Where Was I

Bangkok, Thailand. Went to Bangkok to sort some visa stuff and deal with the mega bureaucracy rage hole that is the Malaysian Embassy in Thailand.

Where Am I Going Next

Back to Bangkok at least twice this month to go to the Malaysian Embassy. Bunch of lames.

What Am I Working On

Super varied month. Worked on, releasing some serverless functions to proxy a Bing API, release a custom open source built Hugo theme, started work on a big HubSpot project (which could make or break me), combined with ongoing Laravel and WordPress work.

What Am I Thinking About

My Tax Toggle WordPress/WooCommerce plugin – super close to releasing Version 2 of that which fixes many issues users have had. I got back in to developing it this year after some custom work for a client turned in to a nightmare and I couldn’t face the code for 6 months or so. It happens.

What Was The Main Challenge Last Month

Not a challenge per se, but I’ve been eating healthily, started a vitamins regime, did Stoptober (a UK-focused – I presume – way of abstaining the booze for October. I say presume as anyone I mentioned it too just looked at me like I was dumb, or maybe that was the fact that I needed a made-up challenge to stop the occasional beer). Anyway, lost 6kg.

What Have I Been Reading

Still re-reading Robert Crais novels. Currently Sunset Express. Love this author, would love to be able to write books like this.

What Have I Been Watching

Pretty much fuck all TV. Over the last few years I have fallen in to this trap of chilling + laze-boy sofa + mindless YouTube / Netflix, and it just breeds laziness. So this month haven’t sat on the sofa and rarely watched TV. I had my way, the TV would be gone as it’s a life destroyer.

OK, while working last week I stuck on Amazon Prime on the spare monitor and have been rewatching the Jack Ryan series. Sad the lead guy doesn’t want to make anymore.

OK, I have been watching YouTube a bit, mostly cooking shows – particularly Backyard Chef a non-nonsense chef from the north of the UK. Funny and makes good stuff that anyone can make.

What Have I Been Hearing

DJ Phaze One – September Hot Mix – the closest DJ to Andy C I have ever heard, this mix is a banger

DJ Billy Daniel Bunter – lots of energy and laughs and classic tunes

One In the Jungle DJ Brockie & MC Det – I recorded this on tape when it was broadcast in 1996 and must have listened to it 500-odd times (at least) on my walkman. Great to find the shows again.


What Have I Been Eating

Not a lot, but steak when I do. This month I have cured my own bacon (very good) and ham (too salty). Got another lot of bacon curing, gonna attempt the ham again this weekend.

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