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What I'm doing now: 1st December 2023

This is my now page for 1st December 2023. What is a now page? A now page goes to a page that tells you what a person is focused on at this point in their life. Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page movement and subsequent website.

This is what I'm currently doing:

Where Am I

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Where Was I

Last month back and forth to Bangkok several times. Tips for traveling to Bangkok – Thai Smile Airline is no more and Thai Airways have took over the tickets and the route with a big fat full size 747 with dedicated Business Class sets, and of course lounge on both ends. But prices have doubled. And Nok Air now have a Lounge at Don Meung Airport which makes flying with them something to consider as it’s not a bad place to kill some time, get some food and chill before your flight. Downside – our flight time was changed 3 times and it was still late to arrive.

Where Am I Going Next

Next trip looks to be Taipei in March. Looking forward to checking it out, especially as the Taiwan Gold Card could make staying there for a good length of time pretty easy.

What Am I Working On

A quieter month of work, I’ve spent a lot of time working on a custom theme for HubSpot CMS, creating custom HubSpot Modules and getting setup and used to the way HubSpot works. It has some issues, but generally the theme experience is pretty good.

What Am I Thinking About

I went to a talk by Rob Cubbon last week at the Nomad Coffee Club in Chiang Mai and spent the whole weekend after exploring Kindle Direct Publishing and messing about with MidJourney trying to output outlined images suitable to put in to a coloring book (ha, don’t ask!). I tend to like side projects like this that can take a little effort and then be sold for years (I started doing Amazon Merch in 2018) so I think I will try to release at least one KDP book before the end of the year.

What Was The Main Challenge Last Month

Sleep and feeling good. A few too many trips to Bangkok, early flights, late returns, bad sleep, plus a few nights of alcohol really took its toll on me. Result – less good work, less focus, bad decisions. Hoping for no more travel for a while and let me get in to a better routine.

What Have I Been Reading

I’ve now re-read all the Robert Crais novels, I think I read 5 last month, with only one more to read (which I need to buy) – LA Requiem. Last night started reading I May Be Wrong by Bj√∂rn Natthiko Lindeblad, a Swedish Buddhist.

What Have I Been Watching

Not much this month. If I get a spare moment, I’ll geek out watching Adrian’s Digital Basement on YouTube.

What Have I Been Hearing

Been sticking with the old skool rave sounds of the UK with mixes and radio shows from DJ Billy Daniel Bunter

What Have I Been Eating

Nothing remarkable. Thai food is lovely until you are sick of it. And Thai version of Western food are never like the real thing. I did make my own bacon last month, which was excellent, and looking forward to Christmas in a few weeks to make plenty of nice stuff.

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