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What I'm doing now: 3rd March 2024

This is my now page for 3rd March 2024. What is a now page? A now page goes to a page that tells you what a person is focused on at this point in their life. Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page movement and subsequent website.

This is what I'm currently doing:

Where Am I

Taipei, Taiwan. Here for a month for WordCamp Asia, to do touristy stuff, hang out with friends and escape Chiang Mai. First impressions of the city are great. Airport arrival was super smooth, stamped in with 90 days no fuss, baggage quick, ATM to withdraw some cash, pick up an unlimited data eSIM and in to a taxi to our airbnb all in under 45 minutes. Taipei seems great so far; modern, walkable, friendly, and the food so far has been outstanding.

Where Was I

Chiang Mai – Jan and February were the beginnings of the smokey season; the blue sky is replaced with grey, there is a whiff of smoke on the air and people start leaving. I hunkered down at home most of the time and knocked out some work.

Where Am I Going Next

Not sure! We’re here in Taipei until the end of March, and then we fly back to Chiang Mai, but if it’s still smokey we’ll likely go somewhere else. Kuala Lumpur probably.

What Am I Working On

This month, a rag tag bunch of projects. Went live with the Enterprise HubSpot website I’ve been working on; client seemed super happy with it and general feedback is excellent. The only disappointing part was working hard on performance, getting near 100 Lighthouse scores, and then watching the client add tracker script after tracker script and seeing the performance plummet. Hoping we can shape it up as we go.

Other than that I’ve been spending time on my plugins, finally putting some effort in to them for 2024.

What Am I Thinking About

Plugins! I’ve been deeply in to my plugin business and getting at least one of them relaunched before WordCamp Asia. Which is a big ask as I’m pretty much starting from scratch, no website, no licensing system, no updates! But I’m getting there. Just got to keep focused and not let new ideas take over.

What Was The Main Challenge Last Month

Sleeping. And the knock on effects. I had some issues sleeping, going to sleep and also waking up too early and being wide awake. Not sure why or what’s going on but I’m being stricter on no caffeine after 4pm, trying to get in to a better sleeping routine, got myself a Kindle so less blue light etc. The knock on effects is feeling sleepy, eating crap and generally being a bit (more?) of a grump.

What Have I Been Reading

I’ve read a couple more books by John Sandford. The second book was dire but the third and now fourth are pretty good. I ponied up for the whole ebook series on Amazon (30 odd books!) so guess I’ll be reading plenty of this author now.

What Have I Been Watching

Not a lot. I did a 7 day trial of Apple TV and binge watched Monarch (lots of potential, but not sure they’ve quite got it) and then started watching Slow Horses and bloody hell how has no-one recommended this to me. Utterly brilliant. And lots of filming around my London neighbourhood which is great for someone who misses London as much as me.

What Have I Been Hearing

DJ Daniel Billy Bunters Monday Radio shows on MixCloud. Utterly brilliant rave tunes, great positivity from Bunter, and generally great for me to work to. Acid shows seem to be my favourite, what an era of music. Billy Bunter is one of the hardest working longest running DJs still giving it the full party wallop and it surprises me he doesn’t get more recognition for graft and talent.

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