8 location independent musings from 2020

A reflective post about what I got up to (or didn’t) in 2020. I love looking back at what I’ve been up to, trying to quantify achievements and goals, looking at what could be improved; maybe my experiences are useful to you too. Enjoy!

Free coworking day

Did you know that the 1st Thursday of every month is Free Coworking Day? Across Asia and Oceania you can use coworking spaces free of charge so you can get a taste of working with others. With 16 countries and nearly 100 coworking space taking part, there hasn’t been a better time to try coworking!

6 location independent lessons for 2018

My reflections on 2018 and what I learnt from another year of location independence. Not everything will fit in a suitcase, that slow travel works, carry-on only is a nightmare, Romania should be on your travel list, you should follow your passions, and that spending time on side projects is important.

Guide to hiring a virtual assistant: 20 top tips for success

Here’s my guide to hiring a virtual assistant including my top tips for making sure it’s a success. Hiring a virtual assistant should be high on the priorities list for any entrepreneur or business owner – helping reclaim hours of your time. This guide will walk you through the entire process.


In this post I outline some of the best, easiest and cheapest options for short term accommodation and apartment renting in Chiang Mai. I’ll tell you places you can just turn up and move in, accommodation you can book online, and places you can stay in to give you a taste of longer term accommodation


A digital nomad guide to incorporating a company & opening a bank account in Hong Kong. This will allow you to enjoy simpler frameworks and regulation around company taxes, an ease dealing with multi-currencies, and 0% corporation tax on offshore profits. Its a great place for some companies to setup.