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What I'm doing now: 5th May 2024

This is my now page for 5th May 2024. What is a now page? A now page goes to a page that tells you what a person is focused on at this point in their life. Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page movement and subsequent website.

This is what I'm currently doing:

Where Am I

I’m in smokey Chiang Mai in Thailand. This is a reminder to myself that Northern Thailand and its surrounding areas are still very much on fucking fire well until May, and it stinks! Going outside is a health hazard – the AQI is over 160 right now, and seems to get worse at night. Exercise outside is a no-no, and generally going outside is pretty shit – it’s also been extremely hot – currently 40°C (104°F) in late afternoon. I must must remind myself to stay away from Chiang Mai until at least mid-May or when there is daily lots of rain (whichever is sooner).

Where Was I

I just did a month in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Was great. I love Malaysia. Do I love Kuala Lumpur? Definitely, but I am not sure if I could live there over other cities in Malaysia like Kuching or Penang. To me, I got the impression that KL is struggling with its size. Traffic is shitty. The MRT/LRT whatever it’s called is unreliable. Delivery services like Grab are extremely poor – service levels can be really hit and miss (like stuff doesn’t even turn up or the orders are cancelled after an hour). I’m not entirely sure what is causing this, I have a few ideas, one of them is definitely the attitude of some of the population. Definitely the city needs a lot of investment in public transport if it’s ever gonna be bearable and probably to stop relying on cheap uneducated labour to run businesses. If I moved to KL, I would likely pick an area and just try to make sure it had everything I needed. Check Desa Park City if you’re thinking of living there.

Where Am I Going Next

Thankfully not anywhere for a while – we’ve got 2.5 months or so in Chiang Mai, and then a trip to Japan in July. A lot of people I know rave about Japan, and I can’t wait to go. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos about Japan, and to be honest, it doesn’t excite me much seeing how crowded everywhere is, not sure I am going to enjoy that. And costs. Holy shit. People are telling me Japan is cheap. When you’re booking a box room 3-star hotel in Kawaguchiko for $400 per night this ain’t exactly a bargain is it. So we wait and see!!

What Am I Working On

SO. FRICKING. BUSY. Lots and lots of stuff, juggling clients and projects. A CSV > Laravel > Shopify app is pretty much done, I’m very happy with it and it’s got some smart stuff in there. Started another Laravel project – a booking system, which I might spin out to be a SaaS depending on how well its work. My main Laravel project is bustling along and getting super complicated with so many services, triggers, and visitor patterns. A few WordPress projects on the go, plus of course my own WordPress business, and plugins etc are going well.

What Am I Thinking About

Investments. Diversifying. Retirement. I’ve been trying to work out where I want to be in 10/15/20/30 years time. I guess a 44th birthday last month gets the old grey matter working and thinking. I analysed my returns from Vanguard (not great), analysed my returns from stocks (not bad), analysed my returns from property (amazing), and then did some predictions based on the last 5 years or so of data. I feel like the last 5 years is a pretty good yardstick guide – we’ve had a booming world and stocks in 2018/19, then covid, crashes, booms, crashes, recessions, wars… It’s gotta be a good indication of the highs and lows. Anyway, made some good decisions so some short term action over the next 5 years should align myself better with where I want to be in 30 years. Or maybe not. Stay tuned for my Now page in 5 years time…

What Was The Main Challenge Last Month

Likely time management. Struggled last month to get stuff done, have time to focus. This was due to a few things, but mostly losing my home office which just cuts the crap and lets me do my best work on my terms. I rented a desk at a coworking space last month, and it was good, although the access times were restricted by the mall opening times, and my neighbour in the space bless him was a pretend coworker i.e. he went to coworking spaces to talk, not work. He loved to have a chat so he could avoid his own work. Nice guy, but shit my dude, “coworking” the clue is in the name. Do some work.

What Have I Been Reading

I’ve been reading loads last month. I think at the start of April I was on book 6 in the John Sandford series, well a month later I’m now on book 13 (Mortal Prey). So I read about 6 books last month. If you don’t know, I tend to read trash fiction books to take my mind off business. After reading and devouring (multiple times) authors like Robert Crais and Lee Child, I’ve been hunting for new authors and series to read, and at the start of the year found John Sandford. I purchased his whole “Prey” series on Kindle, so just reading through them. It makes the choice of what book to read next pretty easy.

What Have I Been Watching

Not a lot. Mostly YouTube and not much of that. I watched Marcus Brownlee a few times as he seemed to be the talk of social media reviewing the Humane AI pin, the Rabbit, the Fisher. I’m done with the dude. He reviews a $200 dollar brand new project like the Rabbit and trashes it, comparing it to the $1500 phone made by a company that’s been making computers for 50 years and is worth $2 trillion. He seems to be making more waves than usual by trashing products, but I’d rather see him elevate not decimate a new brand.

What Have I Been Hearing

I’ve been listening to old rave music, which is basically a load of radio shows by DJ Billy Daniel Bunter. Good vibes, a good selection of tracks, and easy to listen too while I’m bashing out some code.

What Have I Been Eating

Malaysia has some of the best food in the world and my trip there didn’t disappoint. Had some great dim sum, chicken rice, lots of crispy pork and char siew rice, some amazing fried rice (Kampong fried rice is delicious), some great fish and chips (you can take the brit out of the UK…), awesome and filling banana leaf curry, a great and satisfying bakuteh, yes Malaysian/ Chinese cooking is awesome. And Malaysia makes it super affordable. Go and try everything you can, honestly, Malaysian food is awesome but just has no PR department!! At home in Chiang Mai, I am making my own ham and bacon, and generally loving being back in my own house/kitchen again.

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