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What I'm doing now: 1st February 2020

This is my now page for 1st February 2020. What is a now page? A now page goes to a page that tells you what a person is focused on at this point in their life. Inspired by Derek Sivers and his Now page movement and subsequent website.

This is what I'm currently doing:

Where Am I

Paphos, Cyprus.

Where Was I

London, England.

Where Am I Going Next

Lisbon, Portugal.

What Am I Working On

Web development – Getting pretty deep in Enterprise WordPress and web performance. Using more and more ReactJS (predominantly for Gutenberg Blocks). Got a great client at the moment who is really interested in doing things properly and putting focus on to open sourcing products.

What Am I Thinking About

I’m thinking about this blog a lot as I’ve not released a new post for such a long time, but I have written a few posts now to about 80% completion, so gotta get some new content published.

What Was The Main Challenge Last Month

Being sick last month was brutal, a really bad cold, and recovering from that has not been good.

What Have I Been Reading

Fela: This bitch of a life – It’s Fela Kuti’s biography, his music is amazing, but damn this book makes me think he crazy-o.

What Have I Been Watching

  • Uncut Gems – Everyone raving about it, but I found the main character to be a dumb fuck that I didn’t care about.
  • US Marshals – Re-watch. Snipes, Tommy Lee Jones, Downey Jnr, great film.
  • Okja – film about a massive pig. Quirky and fun.
  • Narcos Mexico (Series 2) – Meh, it’s good, but no Escobar.
  • Messiah – Great series, very interesting interpretations, made me think.

What Have I Been Hearing

Carl Cox DJ Sets – love working to this

What Have I Been Eating

Greek/Cypriot grill platter from Grill Chef in Larnaca, Cyprus.

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