General posts for Digital Nomads and Location Independent Entrepreneurs

My 2022 recap

I can’t quite believe another year has gone by. 2022 seems to have gone incredibly quick and I don’t feel like I’ve done much. Which is also why I appreciate putting these posts together and proving myself wrong. After an hour of writing and looking back through memories of the year, turns out I got up to plenty and got quite a bit done!

My 2021 year in review

It’s yet another end of year post! For the last few years I’ve been writing a little roundup of what’s been happening in my world, it definitely helps me appreciate my time, and hopefully makes for (semi) entertaining reading and gives you some insight to my life and location independent adventures.

8 location independent musings from 2020

A reflective post about what I got up to (or didn’t) in 2020. I love looking back at what I’ve been up to, trying to quantify achievements and goals, looking at what could be improved; maybe my experiences are useful to you too. Enjoy!

6 location independent lessons for 2018

My reflections on 2018 and what I learnt from another year of location independence. Not everything will fit in a suitcase, that slow travel works, carry-on only is a nightmare, Romania should be on your travel list, you should follow your passions, and that spending time on side projects is important.